Hexano is there when you need someone to commercialize your Microfluidic, Lab-on-a-Chip and other plastic products by handling all your prototyping & manufacturing needs. This will allow you to focus on your core business of development and distribution.


The quality and functionality of your products are important to us. This is why they will be manufactured and assembled in a clean room environment.


Your intellectual property will always be guarded!


Our core capability is the custom manufacturing of microfluidic chips through plastic injection. This manufacturing method is the most versatile and lowest cost option for mass production. It can be scaled from a few hundred pieces to millions of pieces per year. It can produce channels down to 30 microns in width. Your product will be manufactured and bonded in a clean room environment. Our use of efficient processes and a professional staff guarantees quality standards that comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


The first step is a full Design for Manufacturing study of your product so that molding can be made efficiently. This will result in the lowest cost per piece. The mold design will take into consideration your tolerances. In most cases, you are only required to buy a mold insert instead of a full mold which translates into a lower tooling cost.


We have the wide variety prototyping methods and materials to choose from. Each have their own advantages depending on the application. These include Micro-milling, PDMS, 3D printing and Hot embossing.


Prototyping allows you to move to a hard plastic and to validate your design. High resolution Micro-milling and Hot embossing also permits for low volume manufacturing without having to invest in an injection mold.




Having been involved in plastic part design and manufacturing for over a decade, Hexano was founded to focus on the future of medicine, diagnostics and other life sciences applications. We partner with a wide array of suppliers to bring about the best solutions for clients and their specialty needs.


Hexano was founded with the mission of Miniaturizing Medicine. Microfluidics are the gateway to the future of medicine. They enable the precise handling of small volumes of liquids and gases. This has allowed them to miniaturize entire lab analysis onto a finger sized chip. This is why they are the underlying technology of Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC). The miniaturization is what will drive incredible technological advancements, similar to what the transistor has been able to accomplish.


Lab-on-a-Chip technology is lowering the time and cost of standard medical testing. With an extreme market growth, they are poised to dominate the future of medical diagnostics and treatments. Hexano will be at the forefront of the medical revolution.


Organs-on-a-Chip are developing at lightning pace. They already outperform 3D cell cultures. They allow companies to test drugs much sooner on real human cells. This will reduce animal and human testing.



Tel: 1-800-695-0021
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Hexano is always on the lookout for talented individuals who want to be part of team dedicate on changing the world for the better. You may send your resume at



Hexano is currently involved in a research project to use microfluidic technology to create a 3D display. Using ink droplets, this display will be able to create 3D images which can be viewed 360 degrees without the help of 3D glasses. The design will be modular allowing for the display to be any size or even shape!


If you are interested to partner in the commercialization of this technology, please drop us a line.



Contact us to see how we can assist you in commercializing your Microfluidic Chips.

Tel: 1-800-695-0021

PO Box 29029, Moncton North

Moncton, NB,  E1G 1A0

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